Tips for Successfully Negotiating a Settlement

Dealing with an insurance company after an accident or injury is one of the most frustrating yet necessary parts of the process. Settlement discussions are generally wrought with negotiation between your legal team vs. the opposition, but it is vital you are aware of your role in obtaining the maximum settlement. Negotiation may seem intimidating but it doesn’t have to be when you enlist the services of a personal injury lawyer with the skill to  

Consider the following tips to successfully negotiate your settlement:

  • Have a settlement amount in your mind. If you are unsure or wavering on how much you expect, this will be sensed immediately and will weaken your claim.
  • Do not accept the first offer. Just as you would expect in any negotiation, the first offer will be a “lowball” one, which means it is purposely lower than what you deserve.
  • Make your story heard, highlighting the emotional aspects of what you have suffered. The facts of the case will not leave an impression but your words will.
  • If the insurance adjuster continues to make extremely low offers, ask them to justify the reasons for doing so. This will often force them to confront the issue and make a better offer.

Once you have been presented an offer you agree with, make sure there is physical confirmation of the agreement for later purposes. When it doubt, put it in writing.

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