Why You Should Never Say Sorry After an Accident

The first few moments after a car accident are the most crucial as they determine the course of your life for the next several months, if not years. Most people feel overwhelmed, scared, and even angered at the prospect of what has just happened to them. While some of us can keep a cool head, others may be inclined to amend the situation as quickly as possible, prompting a rushed, “I’m sorry!”

Saying sorry is a natural reaction but in legal terms, it carries much more weight. Even if it is later proven the accident was blatantly the other driver’s fault, apologizing can be construed as an admission of guilt, inadvertently accepting fault. This misinterpretation could make the difference between a significant settlement for your injuries and damages to nothing at all.

Keep Insurance Companies At Bay

Remember, insurance companies are searching for any and every reason to avoid paying the full amount you deserve. They will employ a number of negotiation tactics and when those fail, they will search for minute details which can be exaggerated to something much bigger. Your apology may be the key piece of evidence which shifts blame onto you.

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